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notesico.png (23 KB)Sweet, Vanilla, Fruity, Patchouli, Woody
Powdery, White Floral, Earthy, Lactonic, Warm
— Meet Be Happy Perfume by Beafrag brand, a fascinating fragrance designed to make women irresistibly sexy with a sensual touch.
— Experience the sweetness of our sweet notes that add a pleasant and inviting charm to your aura.
— Enjoy the stimulating warmth of aphrodisiac vanilla, which evokes sensuous comfort and sensuality.
— Feel the playful explosion of fruity notes that add a lively and cheerful element to the composition.
— Discover the richness of patchouli, which adds depth and complexity to the scent with its earthy and mysterious aroma.
— Embrace the power and sophistication of woody notes like a solid and reliable being that inspires confidence.
— Enjoy the powdery softness that caresses the skin and leaves a lasting, sensitive and soothing mark all day long.
— Experience the elegance of white floral notes like a bouquet of blooming flowers evoking elegance and femininity.
— Reveal the essential essence of earthy notes that add a sense of stability and balance to the scent.
— Embrace the creamy and soothing lactonic notes that add a touch of sweetness and warmth to the composition.
— Finally, immerse yourself in the inviting warmth of our warm notes, like a comforting embrace that envelops you in a feeling of comfort and happiness.
— Be Happy Perfume from the Beafrag brand will be an indispensable scent. Embracing confidence, sensuality and happiness. Discover the magic of Be Happy Perfume and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.
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