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notesico.png (23 KB)Smoky, Musky, Woody, Fruity, Warm Spicy, Leather, Animalic, White Floral, Amber, Fruity
— Meet the Beafrag brand Smoky Wood Perfume, inspired by the forests of France, consisting of fascinating notes that embody the unique sophistication, charm and mystery of a niche perfume.
— At the heart of the scent lies the smoky note that symbolizes masculine sexiness and adds a touch of glamor to your presence.
— Enjoy the mysterious and luxurious life with our musk note, the expression of wealth and intrigue that attracts the senses.
— Feel the power and confidence with our woody note, like a strong and solid being that evokes attention and respect.
— Experience a joyful explosion of fruity notes that add a cheerful and lively element to the composition.
— Embrace the tuxedo elegance of our warm spicy notes that exude sophistication and elegance that leave a lasting impression.
— Feel the striking effect of genuine leather, which adds a bold and assertive touch to the scent.
— Discover the elegance of our white floral notes, like a delicate bouquet that evokes elegance and beauty.
— Uncover the mystery of our amber note, which comes from the heart of the ocean and adds depth and complexity to the composition.
— Immerse yourself in the warmth of our warm spicy notes, like a comforting embrace that envelops you in a feeling of comfort and luxury.
— Beafrag brand Smoky Wood Perfume is a celebration of masculine charm, elegance and mystery; invites you to embrace your unique charm and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
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