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Amber, Animalic, Woody, Vanilla, Balsamic
Musky, Yasmin, Floral, Soft Spicy, Lily
— Meet Capsule Perfume, which consists of fascinating notes that embody male mystery, power and charm, from the Niche perfume collections of the Beafrag brand.
— At the heart of the scent lies the Amber note, which comes from the heart of the oceans and adds depth and mystery to the composition.
— Discover the special ethereal notes of the perfume that express its predatory power and evoke a feeling of power and confidence.
— Feel the striking power of nature with our woody notes, like a tall and striking solid tree.
— Enjoy the irresistible charm of Aphrodisiac Vanilla, radiating sensuality and romance, enveloping you in a warm and inviting embrace.
— Embrace the rich and complex aroma of balsamic notes that add depth and sophistication to the scent.
— Unleash the mysterious allure of our musk notes, which add a sense of intrigue and charm that leaves a lasting impression.
— Experience the delicate beauty of Yasmin, the floral note that adds elegance to the composition.
— Feel the subtle warmth of soft spicy notes that add a sophisticated and elegant touch to the scent.
— Finally, immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Lily, a floral note that evokes purity and sensuality.
— Capsule Perfume, from the Niche perfume collections of the Beafrag brand, is a celebration of mystery, power and charm; invites you to embrace your unique charm and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
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