notesico.png (23 KB)Amber, Citrus, Woody, Warm Spicy, Aromatic
Fresh Spicy, Smoky, Balsamic, Green, Fresh
— A very popular "Blue fragrance" design from the Beafrag brand.
— Completely harmless and smells great from citrus/ginger opening to light incense and woods in the drying.
— A fragrance that alone revolutionizes the scent profile of the modern man
— The indispensable charm of the city man.
— This fragrance reveals hidden women who are attracted to you.
— All-Natural, Non-Synthetic Manufacturing
— All Supplies From Europe
— With The Tradition Of French Perfume Production
— Safety files, analysis files, and all documents have been prepared and approved by the European Union regulation.
— Europa Union CPNP Number (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) 3930331
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