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White Floral, 
Amber, Tuberose, Animalic, Woody
Salty, Tropical, Leather, Coconut, Musky
— One of the strongest scents you will ever try.
— A perfume with the scent of white flowers, leather and the sun.
— It will make a unique addition to each collection.
— We can say that it is ideal for warm weather because of the tropical sun and luxury expressions it gives.
— It's also great in colder weather due to its strength, making it perfect for any season.
— All-Natural, Non-Synthetic Manufacturing
— All Supplies From Europe
— With The Tradition Of French Perfume Production
— Safety files, analysis files, and all documents have been prepared and approved by the European Union regulation.
— Europa Union CPNP Number (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) 3931923
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