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notesico.png (23 KB)Rose, Woody, Soft Spicy, Warm Spicy, Sweet
Vanilla, Powdery, Floral, Amber
— Meet the Beafrag brand's Line Perfume, which is a harmonious blend of fascinating notes that reveal all the femininity of the woman who wears it and will make you wear warmth and charm.
— At the heart of the scent lies the note of Rose, which symbolizes love with its velvety petals and romantic aroma, like a passionate embrace hanging in the air.
— Experience the depth and richness of Woody notes that add power and sophistication to the composition.
— Enjoy the subtle warmth of Soft Spicy notes, like a gentle caress that wraps you in a comforting embrace.
— Feel the allure of Warm Spicy notes that add sensuality and excitement to the scent, like a spark of passion that ignites the senses.
— Discover the sweetness of Aphrodisiac and sassy Vanilla notes that add an irresistible seductive element in the middle notes.
— Embrace the softness of powder that adds a delicate and feminine touch, leaving an elegant and sophisticated mark.
— Immerse yourself in the floral bouquet that evokes the beauty and charm of blooming flowers, like a garden in full bloom.
— Finally, experience the mystery of the Amber note, which comes from the heart of the oceans, adding depth and complexity to the composition like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.
— Line Perfume by the Beafrag brand is a celebration of love, passion and charm; It invites you to create unique effects and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
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