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White Floral, Citrus, Lavender, Vanilla, Aromatic
Sweet, Animalic, Powdery, Woody, Fruity
— If freedom was a scent, Mouche would be perfume
— Mouche Parfum is a fragrance that offers the power of the wind.
— Freedom to live without limits.
— A design with notes preferred by strong, brave, and free women who live without measure.
— The first flowering lavender. A very sensual fragrance born from the combination of the burning sensation of orange blossom from Morocco and French lavender.
— It will make you feel luxurious at first.
— A combination of sweet, floral, warm, and musky notes designed for the woman.
— Just a few taps will last all day, from morning to night.
— The fragrance has a slightly strong effect at first, but soon turns into a soft and sweet aroma and gets its magic from a bit of musk in the china.
— This is special and will make you feel amazing whenever you wear it. Just a few sprays will carry you day and night.
— All-Natural, Non-Synthetic Manufacturing
— All Supplies From Europe
— With The Tradition Of French Perfume Production
— Safety files, analysis files, and all documents have been prepared and approved by the European Union regulation.
— Europa Union CPNP Number (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) 3932678
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